Beware of fake beauty products

I watched a local show KMJS last Sunday.  It is my favorite show to watch every Sunday they feature interesting topics, features celebrities that are out of the limelight, foods, places, politics, interesting love stories, beauty products, and many others.  These are the reasons why I so loved this show.  I learned, gained more knowledge and information, gives me an idea of nice places to go, and inspired by the different love stories that they feature.  One interesting story they feature last Sunday are women who had the bad experience of the beauty products that they bought online and over the counter.

The story of the three featured ladies is a wake-up call to all of us especially the young ones of today who are so vain.  It is not good to buy beauty products anywhere, or through recommendations, because we have different skin type.  There are products that are good for them but not for us.  It is best to consult the dermatologist first for us to know our skin type, and what products that are safe to use.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  Nowadays, we should be extra careful when buying beauty products because fake ones are on the market at the very affordable price.  So, ladies beware of fake beauty products.

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Back to normal

The worse thing that could happen to bloggers like me is that when your blogs/websites are parked or cannot be found for some reason and you were not able to save back-ups. Argsh!  This was what happened to my blogs/websites a week ago.  There are some issues with the hosting and my blogs are parked.  My worries are if my host will be able to retrieve my files, the theme of my blog, the paid articles, the advertisers (what if they want the refund because their link is missing) and all the articles I wrote ever since I started blogging.  My blogs/websites are eight (8) years ago, and I have plenty of articles already.  But I trusted my host and just waiting for her to contact me and give me the xml files of my blogs.  Though, it would be very difficult to give up my themes for it is a personalized theme and I paid for it, I do not care anymore, all I care is my articles.

After days of waiting, I finally I have the copy of my xml files.  I saved it and will be waiting for the new host and then will set up again my blogs under the new host.  It is tiring setting up again my blogs, to make it look good so it will be pleasing to look at to my reader, visitors, and advertisers but it is fun.  It brings back the time when I was just started blogging and setting up my blogs.  I am happy that I can get the files of my themes, however, two of my themes are not working.  I am a bit sad, but with the help of my kind and generous friends online, (Ma Belle and Ryanne), my themes are now okay.  My worries are all gone because my blogs are back to normal now.  Lesson learned, always save xml files/back up of your blogs for future needs. 

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Anti-Mange Soap for my Dog

My poor dog is suffering from skin disease for almost three months.  My dog keeps on scratching his skin and his skin turns red.  I bought sulfur soap as my friend’s suggestion but no effect.  I have been using the soap for like two months but no effect.  I guess my dog is eating the foods that trigger the itchiness.  If I have extra, I would bring the dog to the veterinary clinic, but I am on a tight budget.  I know that I am being an irresponsible dog owner, I just so wish I have extra.  I tried to do he advice from friends who have a dog though, hoping that it would help, but unfortunately, it didn’t.

I went to the grocery store the other day and find a soap that I can use for my dog’s skin disease.  I found this Anti-Mange soap.  I read everything that is written on the box and thought of tried it to my dog.  I have used the soap once and it is nice.  My dog does not scratch his skin, and the skin is not that reddish.  I so wish that this is the soap that would help my dog’s skin disease.  I am hoping for the best result.  If not, I guess it is time for me to bring my dog to the veterinary clinic.

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Her first photo shoot in the studio

My one-year-old niece had her first photo shoot at the studio the other day.  My sister, her mom, been doing this since her first born, put it frame and hang it on the wall at thier house and in album.  Each kid has frame and album for their to look back once they old.  It is a nice way of keeping their memories.  The things that we do not have because our mother was sickly and died ata young age.  We do not have enough bondings, and no photos were keep or taken because she was very sickly.  The sister do not want her kids to experience the same, that is why she keep everything, took photos of her kids as remembrance.

Anyways, the photo shoot was not easy.  The niece is scared of the photographer, the lights and the dark studio.haha!  We have to cooperate to keep her still, smile and make a good pose.  The first shoot is nice even if the look of my niece is confused and wondering.  The second shoot was a disaster.  Yes, a disaster because the niece keeps on moving, wants to sit down and crying.  Even if we showed to her many toys, we are making noise and calling her name, it was no effect, she is crying until the last click of the camera.  The photos were still nice though.  She has a good memory of crying face while taking a picture in the studio.  I wonder what would be her reaction when she grows older and saw her crying face.haha!

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We’re not able to return it back

December 22, 2017, my sister-in-law bought a wrist watch for her first born.  One of the niece’s Christmas list, to have a new wristwatch.  Unfortunately, when they got home, the watch stops working.  We thought that the battery is low.  The brother opens the watch and then put the extra battery that the saleslady gave.  However, the watch still not working.  Herr father told her to bring back the wristwatch to the store where they bought it the following day.  I will be accompanying the niece because I will be going to the same mall to buy the sweatshirt that I like.  We are supposed to go early, however, I am so sleepy after the morning mass.  I told the niece to go after we took a nap.

We are ready to go at 10:00 in the morning of December 23, 2017, when the SIL called asking if we are already at the mall.  Told her we are about to go.  She then told us to cancel it because the said mall was on fire.  It was a very sad news because Christmas is approaching.  Because of what had happened, we ‘re not able to return the wristwatch back.  The niece is so sad, but good thing we did not go early to the mall.  The wristwatch is the niece’s remembrance.  Charge to experience.  We will just buy her another wristwatch.

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