Mistaken Identity…

I have seen movies about mistaken identity.  One person is in danger because of this reason.  A reason that no matter how much I wanted to understand it I cannot understand at all.  I never this is happening in real life.  A situation that is worse than I expected it.  I always remember that my teacher shared to us once while having her lecture is that, in every situation, decision and condition we are going to make we have to take a second look and second thinking.  For us to not commit mistakes that we might regret in the end.  We cannot turn in back when things happened far from what we wanted it to be. 

Just recently I have watched news on television.  So sad that someone died because of mistaken identity.  The news reporter said that the killer thought that the one he killed is the one he is looking for.  Makes me think of what my teacher have shared before.  One life is wasted because of wrong action and by mistake.  Even if we regret it, we cannot take back the life that is taken.  Although this is happening around the world and some are still fighting for justice, I still wish and pray that this will stop and people should learn lessons from this.  We have to think a million times to make sure our action is right and no innocent individual’s life will be wasted.


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