Waiting in Vain

I grew up with the thought from my late mother that ‘ Patience is a Virtue’.  That there is time for everything and time will come that all that we wanted and prayed for will be given to us.  That is how I remembered my late dear mother.  I sometimes lost patience but thinking about my mother I tried to strengthen it as far as I could. 

When it comes to patience, it will be measured when we are in love.  The love for someone special.  Someone that brings happiness and smiles on our faces aside from our family.  It needs a lot of patience especially if that someone whom we love is far away from us.  Various reasons why they are far away.  Promises are being made and sweared.  Because of the love and what we feel to them someone, we opted to wait at them to come.  That is what I am doing right now and I am pretty sure other girls do the same as well.  Nothing wrong with that because we are matured enough to think and decide what we wanted in our life.  If you think that it is worth the wait, go on and hold on for happiness will be given to you.  I remembered a friend once uttered, ‘if you want it claim it’.  These words make me and her holding on and praying for.

With all the patience and sacrifices of waiting, I hope and pray that we are not waiting in vain.  God bless us all!


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One Response to “Waiting in Vain”

  1. anne says:

    >goodluck for the waiting girl and btw I love the new template