First Time I Felt Vain



Every time I go to malls and other department store, I always look for this particular perfume and lipstick.  I always told myself, one day I will have these things for myself.  I admit it is a bit expensive that I cannot afford to have it.  For me it cost too much and I would rather buy things that I really needed.  Times are hard that I would rather buy things that are sensible.   I did try to save before but was not able to buy it because something happened that needed than to have these expensive girly thing.

Ten years has passed, my perceptions in life has changed and new priorities have been set but my desire to have these girly things never change.  It is still there and keep it in my dreams that I will soon have this.  A week ago I am blessed with extra bucks from my online stuff.  I am so happy and finally made my mind to buy my desire and dreams.  I did buy it and for the first time in my life I felt vain.  Vain because it is really a bit expensive for me.  Having these girly things are like pampering myself.  A pamper that I deserved from working hard online.  Looking at it inside my closet makes me smile.  I feel like a little girl who taste her favorite candy for the first time.  It is a dream come true to me.


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2 Responses to “First Time I Felt Vain”

  1. GAGAY says:

    >awesome pick! VS! there's no prob being vain..girls are! LOL!Im..but GAGAY.Pinoy-MDThe Latest Buzzzz

  2. anne says:

    >well as they said you should also compensate your self for your accomplishment.