Best Friend, Best Enemy?

To have lots of friends in our life is like winning in a lottery especially if we have lots of them.  It is an advantage if we have plenty of friends because we can find comfort in them, seek advices and seek help if we needed it.  Friends will always give time for us when we are down and confused in life.  Although we have our family with us who will never leave us, still we needed a comfort from a friend.  There are situation in our life that we only find comfort if we are sharing it to our friends.
Among the friends that we have, there is someone whom we can call our best friend.  The person whom we give our trust.  But what if misunderstanding arises?  This is a big test and trials to the friendship that is built.  This is where the famous line comes in, ‘Best friend, best enemy’.  I have experienced this kind of situation and I can say that this statement is true.  Though it depends on how they value the trust you gave even if you are not in good terms.  Our best friend can tell our secrets to others to destroy you/us.  Hard to believe and admit sometimes but it is really true.  Especially nowadays where there are lots of friends who are not true to us and do not value the friendship that was built.
What do you think?  Is this statement true that our best friend can/will be our best enemy?



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2 Responses to “Best Friend, Best Enemy?”

  1. Gina says:

    >Unfortunately sometimes it's true 🙁

  2. Gina says:

    >Unfortunately sometimes it's true.