His Fishing Rod


My older brother is fond to go fishing.  Even before when he was young he wants to go to the beach and try to catch some fish.  Which is impossible to catch fish using his little hands.  As we grow older and moved to live in the city I thought he forgot his first love.  I guess first love never die is true because my father still love to go fishing.  Every Sunday he will go to the beach even if it is far from our house just to go fishing.  After several times of going to beach, he meet new friends who are fishermen.  Sometimes he will joined them and rides in the boat to go fishing.
He was surprised one day when his friend gave to him his fishing rod.  It is a used fishing rod and not in good condition.  Even so, he accepted it and so happy to have his first fishing rod ever.  It is not it good condition that is why he is fixing it tonight because he will go to fishing again this Sunday.  His patience is there while fixing his fishing rod.  I so want to buy him one someday soon.  It would be my gift for him, as he really likes to go fishing.  I pray that I will have extra money so that I ca save some.  Enough amounts to buy him new fishing rod.


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