Empeachment: to be or not to be?

Here in my country, there are lots of controversies are facing by those who are working in the government. Their sworn statement to serve the country with honesty has failed. They failed the hopes of the people who are expecting them to serve the country well. They have been tempted to do things that are not right and against the law of the country because of their greediness. So sad to know that they choose to be dishonest to themselves and to the country they are serving.

The issue of corruptions has been spreading. Some government officials choose to tell the truth for they cannot take it anymore. Right now senate is investigating them. They are endorsing an impeachment case against the said government official. Though she denied it, the evidence is strong because of those witnesses that come out in the open. I pray that truth will prevail and the let the country free from those corrupt officials.

If you were to ask, is impeachment is the answer to all the issues? Does these people deserves this?

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