Losing Her Patience

Tomorrow is the recognition day of my two nieces.  They both have school presentation also.  They are so excited because their mother bought them dresses to wear tomorrow.  When their mother arrived early this evening, they hurriedly open the plastic bag of the famous grocery store here in our place.  My eight years old niece (Nana), likes both the dress of her sister.  Which means her younger sister (Lala) will have nothing to wear tomorrow.   Nana cries because she wanted it for herself.  I can say she is a brat because she is the eldest sibling of my brother.

She do not want to listen to her mother’s explanation that ends up her being spanked.  Because of that spanked she cried aloud.    She is jealous because her sister’s dress is a bit nicer compared to her.   The poor child got spanked hard because her mother was carried away. I just wish her mother extend her patience because a child is like that, wanted all for herself.  I understand that she is tired from work, but she should explain it harder to make her daughter understand.  I pity my niece but I do not want to intrude because it is not my business.  I just let her mother do her part.  After my niece calm down, I talk to her very calmly for her to understand that it is impossible to get all what she wanted.   I am happy that she understands and now she is happy and excited for tomorrow’s event.


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One Response to “Losing Her Patience”

  1. Hi Genny, thanks for visiting my yellow cala last week.
    Anyway, that’s nice of you to explain to your niece a good value about not getting everything we want in life. We do need to be very patient with kids and educate them at their early age.