Plan Everything

In life, we dreamed to have better life, dream of a greener pasture and aiming for a better future.  It is free to dream and so it is for us to do our part how to make it come true.  It is difficult sometimes because there are various of obstacles that we have to overcome before we get to the finish line and experience the beauty of making our dream come true.  Things would never be easy because test will come our way, but our determination and willingness will bring us to the top.

To make our dream come true, we needed to plan everything.  Planning is indeed a good way to start to keep us on the right track.  Planning composed of what we are going to do, how we are going to do it and know a ways if ever our plan won’t come on the way we wanted it.  This is what I have learned as I am observing people who want to venture in another field of their life.  Seeing them fail and frustrated makes me so sad because they have given their best just that it is not the right time yet.  But good thing is they have this ability to not give up and continue doing it in different approach.  The best key to survive and succeed is, don’t quit and keep moving.

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2 Responses to “Plan Everything”

  1. anne says:

    If failed just take it as a lesson and move forward. Comment you back from My Daily Mumbles

  2. Enfotainer says:

    I guess you lost my comment. 🙁