Ruby Tuesday #1: Hiding in the Corner


These are my niece and my nephew hiding in the corner when their mother is looking for them.  They like to play hide and seek a lot that makes it so funny because when we are looking for them even at home they do hide themselves especially my nephew who likes to hide under the bed.

I took this picture during the recognition day of my nieces at school.  After the program they hide in the corner of the classroom when their mother is looking for them.  They even told me “shhhhhhh”.lol  That is how funny these kids are.  Gives me so many reasons to smile and love them more.

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2 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday #1: Hiding in the Corner”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Haha, mga cute na pasaway!

  2. shengkay@ random nest says:

    Late visiting from Ruby Tuesday 🙂 Have a nice day!
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