Unwind at the Beach

The past week is very tiring for me.  I am so burnt out and restless.   I was not able to attend the mass because my body is so weak.  Makes me feel lazy.  I feel so bad because I did not start my day going to church.  My father is getting better and I thank God for that.  My father’s condition makes me so tired and I have lost some of my energy.

I needed some rest and be alone to think well and being back the energy I have lost this week.  Since my favorite place to go when I needed to get some air and to have relaxation.  Good thing is a friend of mine is having her post graduation party at the beach.  I am so happy that she was invited me because I really wanted to go to beach to unwind.  Good thing is my father says yes when I told him I want to go to beach.  I talked to my older and younger brother telling them I need to relax.  I am glad that they agreed that they would be the one taking care of my father to day.  Being with nature makes me more relax and I am ready for another heavy loads in life.  I pray to God that He will give me more strength because I really needed it for my father, nieces and nephew wants my assistance.  Happy Sunday and God bless everyone!


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One Response to “Unwind at the Beach”

  1. anne says:

    Wala lagi ka nanginvite? hehehe visiting you here