As we grow older we lost some patience if we want to get something.  If we are sick and want to feel better, we become impatient, as we want to move the normal way like before.  I have seen so many oldies people who have lost patience each day.  They get angry easily, irritating and nagger.  I wonder why they acted that way because as I look at it, and why they become impatient.

My question has been answered, as my patience is test in my father’s condition.  It’s been a week now and he is lost some patience.  Makes me feel irritated because he yells, nag and angry easily.  I understand and will try to understand his condition because he is helpless, but seeing him not helping himself makes me want to give up.  I almost yell at him earlier, good thing my 1% patience is there and I am able to control myself.  His eagerness to feel better and get rid of arthritis makes him impatient and that makes me impatient as well.

Sorry to post sad update in my blogs lately but this is what I feel and what I am into right now.  I have to release it to make me feel better and to light the burden I have inside. Writing is my refuge, my sanctuary and my outlet.

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