Korean Drama Addict

Korean drama shows are the trend of some Asian countries, and that includes my country Philippines.  I have been watching Korean drama shows for years already and I like it very much.  Aside from the fact that it is not a long running drama series, the stories are cute, funny, and romantic.  Though there are sad stories I still like it because it somehow touch the reality of life that there are things that are not happily ever after.  I have collections of my favorite Korean drama shows and I keep on watching it especially if I want to feel the word love and to be in love.  Hopeless romantic eh? Well, that’s me and that’s describe the real me.wink!.

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3 Responses to “Korean Drama Addict”

  1. Mona says:

    Kaya pala tayo magkasundo eh heheh ..

  2. anne says:

    girl kotse kotse ra man to akong gipalit oi hehehe pag mosakay ka pag sul ob daan ug helmet ha ug kneepad whahhh. Dili ko tan aw ug korean novela kay ma adik na sad ko wahhh

  3. shengkay says:

    same here sis adik din..hehehe..pero now hindi na masyado..