Why 13?

Last Friday was Friday the 13th and many are scared to go out because they said it is bad luck.  I do not know if it is really bad luck, I just to do go out because I am scared.  Though I haven’t seen nor heard that it is proven to be bad luck day.  I have also noticed that some buildings, and hotels skipped number 13.  After 12th floor, they go directly to 14th floor.  Makes me wondering, why 13?  What’s with this number that brings bad luck?

Is this in relation with Judas as the 13th apostles?  Proven or not, people do believed in that because Judas did something wrong before.  Somehow, it tells that this is the reason why number 13 becomes bad luck.  There is no harm in believing right?  And so I just follow what oldies are saying because it is better for us to be safe.

Does anyone here know what makes this number a bad luck number?  Big question that until now many are clueless even me.  I am just wondering that makes me write something about this.  Let us share views and opinions about this number.:-)

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2 Responses to “Why 13?”

  1. I don’t think 13 is bad luck. It’s my birth date! Hehe.

    They said that Judas is the 13th visitor in the last supper and also 13 witches are needed when they are having a meeting about something.

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