Sore Throat

My day is not so good because I woke up having sore throat.  I do not know what triggers to have this.  I am afraid that this sore throat would lead to cough.  I hate when this things happen because I do not want to drink medicine.  I am not used to taking medicines.  I am more into water therapy but this sore throat that I am having right now needs treatment before it will get worse.   Gosh, another expenses I must say.  I am taking extra careful not to get sick but now I am sick.:-(

I am still drinking warm water to make myself a little better.  Might as well take along nap today for me to get better soon.  I cannot afford to get sick because I have to look for four kids at the same time. sigh!

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2 Responses to “Sore Throat”

  1. shengkay says:

    huhuhu..same tayo ako i still have to work..

  2. Pinx says:

    hi gen! thanks for the comment. i am sick too, yesterday pa, i have colds and my whole body is aching! hope we’ll get soon…