Glad were friends

I have been confused the fast few days because of the sudden incident that happens in my life.  Finding answers why things are going the wrong way is very hard for me because I do not know where to start.  There are so many why, how, when and where that needed some answers.  Makes my brain tumbling down because I can’t find a reason to sink it in my mind that things are not going on my way.  It is like I am looking for something under the dark tunnel with no lights.

I am glad that my friend Ada is there to give me comfort and encouragement.  It is very helpful for me to accept things fast and move on.  It is hard to let go because of the emotions I have invested but I have to for my own good.  I am moving on now and aiming for a better and happy life.  Thanks very much Ads…. I owe you one.  God bless you more.

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One Response to “Glad were friends”

  1. May our souls who have suffered enough pain and sufferings would be bless more this coming years. There is nothing more we hoped for but to be happy with the one we love.. If our love one is no longer happy being with us. Then we are ready to let go with open arms and open legs… wahhhhhhhh