Girls Talk: Numbers

Hello Girls!  After the subject that we like, this week’s topic is about the subjects in school that we hate.  Back when I was still studying, I really do not like subject with numbers, mathematics to be exact.  I do not like problem solving, algebra and the find x and y using They said that Math is the very easy subject because no memorization is needed.  But to me, thinking of those x and y, a and b and the likes formula makes me sick.

What is so funny is that my course in college was accounting related.  Lots of computations and number are there.  I am so full with numbers until I finished my course.  So glad that I am able to finished my course and overcome the subject that I hate.  Though I hate it, I do not have any choice but to study very hard to pass.

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6 Responses to “Girls Talk: Numbers”

  1. formula memorization was, for me, hell on earth. nothing stuck to my brain when i try to memorize those dang xs and ys. hahaha!

  2. nancy says:

    I should know it’s numbers, lol!

    Followed your page sis… I love how you made it looks so easy to the eyes.

  3. Rcel says:

    Cool! You’ve conquered all those numbers that you had to! Congrats! 🙂

    As for me, I wish I can say I LOVE MATH, but nope, NOT really! My husband does, though! 🙂

    See you at mine!

  4. anne says:

    ay apir ta beh hehhee

  5. gagay says:

    i don’t like numbers too..numbers in history..heheh

    dropping by from Girls Talk..hope to see you at my HISTORY Class (Hatest Subject).

  6. kim says:

    hahaha! another Math hater here.. so, welcome to the club?

    care to visit MY ENTRY?