Biking around the village

I used to do biking in our village before, but when our bicycle was busted I stopped doing it.  My brother hanged the bicycle in the spare area outside the house.  Luckily my brother-in-law knows how to fixed bicycle, motorcycle and the like.  When my father asked to him see if he can fix our bicycle, he said yes.  This afternoon he brings back the fixed bicycle.  I am so thankful to him because I can now do biking again.  I am planning to do some exercise to lose some weight, and biking is one of my options since I do not have the patience to do the aerobics and walking.

It really feels good to be able to do things that I like after some time of not doing it.  This afternoon after my brother-in-law bring in the bicycle, I grabbed it and bike around the village.  Most of the time I stay at home because I do not like going out but today I did have fun and I will do it every afternoon starting tomorrow.  I am excited to do biking again tomorrow.  I hope no rain. 🙂

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