Needs Replacement

Three days ago, we were surprised when the water bills delivered in our doorstep because it reaches up to three times higher from our previous bills.  It was really shocking that is why I went to the water district to complain.  I thought there was a mistake while they are reading the meter.  They promised to check our water pipe and the meter to know whites wrong of instant jump up.

Today, the water district maintenance arrived to check everything.  After checking, we find out that there was a leak on our water pipe and needs to be replaced.  I was so sad because it means another expense for the family to spend.  Wrong timing I must say because our financial is not in good condition.  But we do not have any choice but to replace it as soon as possible so that our water bill will go back to normal.  My family asked me where to get the money.  I did not answer I do not have any idea whom to ask for help.  After our thorough talking, we decided to find a way on how to solve it.  I pray that we will be able to find a way soon.

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