Blind but Talented

To have a talent is a privilege and honor because it is a wonderful gift from God.  Lucky are those individual who has the talent that they can show to the world.  One example of a talent that is very common is to sing.  Some individual are so lucky to have a good singing voice.  But what if you are blind?  Would you still consider yourself a lucky one?

I am saying this because I saw on television a lady showing the talent that God has given to her.  One thing that amazed me is that despite the fact that she is blind, she has the courage to show it to the world and tell the people who lucky she is to have a good singing voice.  She may not be able to experience the beauty of nature and the beauty of life, still feel lucky because her family and people around her makes her felt special.  Her blind is not a hindrance to follow her dreams to become a singer one day.  Joining a contest that showcase her talent is her stepping stone to get what she is dreaming of.  Long way to her and I believed that she can make it happen one day.

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