Chained letter

I started receiving chained letter back when I was in high school.  I am forced to accept it because they said if I don’t bad luck will come in my way.  Even though I don’t believe in what they said, I still accept it but put it on our altar.  I do not have time to make 25 of the same letter and pass it to the people I know.

Nowadays, I don’t see nor receive handed chained letter because chained letter passes through sending message on phone and online.  Yes, chained letter also evolved because sender uses the technology we have right now to pass chained letter.  Same as before, it says if you follow you will receive good luck and if not bad luck will come.   Whether it is true or not, I won’t follow any of the instructions because I only believed in God.  Because only God knows what is in store for us in the future.

To my readers and visitors, if by chance you received a chained letter would you like to do the instructions or not?  Do you believe in the bad luck and good luck of chained letter?

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