Saturday 9 : Against All Odds

1. Have you ever tried to rekindle a past relationship against the odds?

–  never tried…past is past for me.

2. Do you like your job, or daily routine?

–  I do and I am enjoying it.

3. Do you find time to ‘smell the flowers’ so to speak?


4. Do you have any problems thinking of things to write about in my blog?

  yeah, sometimes especially when my mind is not

5. Do others consider you well organized?

–  i do not know

6. Do you always have a “Plan B” just in case?

–  yeah, sometimes i forgot because of too much excitement.wink!

7. How do you find yourself adjusting to new situations?

–  make the painful past as a tool to make a new and better one.

8. Are you happy with where you are in this point of your life?

–  yes I am 100%.

9. Do you find the aging process we all go through easy or difficult?

–  both…it depends I

2 Responses to “Saturday 9 : Against All Odds”

  1. anne says:

    that’s my friend a past should be the past and never have to rekindle hehehe

  2. shengkay says:

    hi sis! now lang uli ako nadaan ng bahay mo..musta na? visiting from Saturday 9.
    same answer tayo for Q9..
    hope you could visit mine..