Step Stool for my Father

My father has been very sickly nowadays.  He finds it hard to stand up and walk even in a short distance.  I am the one who is attending him and assisting him if he wants to walk a little.  I love doing it because he is my father and I want to take good care of him, but sometimes I felt so tired assisting him because father is a bit heavy.

As my father is getting older and very sickly, I thought of buying him a medical step stool to help him out in doing the things he used to do.  He won’t feel bored anymore because he can do a little task to keep him busy while inside the house.  I would love to see my father walking around the house again.

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One Response to “Step Stool for my Father”

  1. Pinx says:

    murag daghan tag tasks dah! hehehe…