Girls Talk: Best Birthday Gift

It’s Thursday and it is time for us girls to do the talking.  This week’s topic is Best Birthday Gift ever received.  I haven’t receive much gifts ever since because I am silent type of a person when it comes to my birthday.  Only my family greets me and those close friends.  There is only one person who never fails to give me a birthday gift and that is my sister.  She started giving me gifts when we were in college.  My sister’s way of giving gifts is in a surprise way.  She just put the gift beside me.  A lovely surprise I must say, to see a gift first thing in the morning.  I can say that all the gifts I have ever received from my loving sister were the best.  Big or small it was all the best.wink!

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3 Responses to “Girls Talk: Best Birthday Gift”

  1. Kha says:

    sweet.. I wish I also had a sister that will surprise me every birthday. Poor me I have brothers who intentionally not greet me on my birthday just to annoy me and will greet me the day after… They were really silly.. hehehe
    Happy GT
    Here’s my entry

    Visiting you here with my other blog .. yey!.. hope you can follow me there .. Thanks a lot..mwuah

  2. Pinx says:

    same here gen, i don’t remember receiving the best birthday gift ever! hahahaha! wala man gud mohatag gift nako maski akong hubby! hahahaha!

  3. Chris says:

    having a sweet sister is a great blessing! 😀