Sharing of Knowledge

I never imagined that I will go this far in blogging world.  I remember when I first started; I always bugged my friend if there are things that I do not understand.  I know I have interrupted her many times but she still entertained me of my confusion.  Her patience is wide enough to teach me more.  I owe a lot to her and I am forever grateful to her.

It is a good feeling to share our knowledge and I do the same thing now.  I am sharing some things I know in blogging world.  It is indeed a good feeling to know that I am able to help in my own little way.  I have meet lots of bloggers and I am glad that they too are helping me.  We do share our little knowledge to help each other grow in this blogging world.  In my experienced, it feels great knowing that I helped someone.

To have the knowledge is a blessing and I want to share it to those who want it.  I won’t promise to give the best, but I will do my best to be of help because to help someone is what I like the most.

The more you know, the bigger the pay-off. Invest some of your time
towards education; with so many accredited online
schools, it has never been easier. Challenge yourself and get that online law degree!

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4 Responses to “Sharing of Knowledge”

  1. anne says:


  2. mabelle says:

    balaka ani imong post madam. heheheh

  3. Mona says:

    Ngayon true blogger na hehe.