Girls Talk: “Wiwis”

I smiled after reading Girls Talk topic this week because I have heard Weird/Funny words almost everyday from my nephew’s mouth.   He is  just two years old and just started imitating words he heard from us.  And the word that is funny in my ears is:


WIWIS – is my nephew’s term of peeing.  He tells this word when he wants to pee or peed already.  He heard this word many times already but without “S” (wiwi).  What funny is that he puts “S” at the end of the word to make the word “WIWIS”.  Smart kid eh?  He makes his own

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6 Responses to “Girls Talk: “Wiwis””

  1. anne says:

    my daughter said the same thing hehehe.

  2. anne says:

    my daughter said the same word when she want to pee hehehe.

  3. Anne says:

    that’s the plural form of it… new vocab…

    followed u here, hope u can follow me back… thanks…

  4. Mom's Place says:

    Ay, di na girl’s talk Gen, baby’s talk na lol…agi ko ug TY sa visit hehe

  5. chie101 says:

    hahhahaha wiwis ko. for sure nagamit sad naku ni nga weird word saona sis.ktong baby pa pud ta

  6. Rcel says:

    Magkatawa ko maghuna-huna sa wiwis. Basin naka-ihi sa kama, moingon nag-wiwis ko. Ayayay! Wiwi permi naku madungog sa akong mga magulang to their children. But not me to my own daughter coz I never baby talk her man gud.

    Visiting late for GT with A WORD THAT TRIZ FINDS TO BE REALLY WEIRD. Can you guess what that word is? Come and visit my post then! 😉 Thanks!