Battery Empty

Excited as a child, I woke up early this morning to get myself and the kids ready for we are going to watch the street dancing competition and the parade as the city celebrates the 26th Kadayawan Festival.  After we are all set and ready, I borrowed the digital camera of my sister for us to take photos and for me to take some photos that I could share here in my page.  The city is so colorful I must say, and I am so excited to take many photos.

After the ten photos of us posing on the beautiful decorations at the park the digital camera went dead.  Arghs!  I did not noticed that the battery has only one bar.  So sad that I was not able to take more photos that I could share here.  I felt angry for myself for not checking it before going to the city.  Good thing I decided to take photos of us first before taking photos for post in my page.  Instead I will be posting some of the photos that I took before the battery of the camera went dead.

I can say that the kids are having fun and enjoyed the day at the park running, posing to take a photo and seeing the parade with the colorful costumes.  There first time to see it for real and they are looking forward for next year’s celebration.

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