Free from the Pain

After the successful operation lasts Saturday, the cousin is free from the pain she felt few days ago.  Though her condition is not good, at least she is now spare from pain.  She is in the process of recovering now and we hope she will recover soon so that she can do the same things she does before.  Though it’s not the same as before, at least she can stand up and walk slowly.

She has been through a lot of pain in her life since the say she got married.  But she was able to overcome it all for the sake of her kids.  I can say that she is strong enough to raise her kids without the moral and spiritual support from her husband.   She is a fighter and as much as possible she doesn’t want to cry because she wants to show to her kids that she is strong and she can handle all things well.  But her condition right now, she felt weak and she did cry for it.  First time I saw her crying and breaks my heart.  She cried for her kids because she felt she is a burden, cried because her husband doesn’t show he cares and cried because she felt helpless.

We cheer her up and supported here all the way to show to her that there are many of us who cares for her.  We pray for her early recovery and that pain will goes away permanently to her more time to spend with her kids and live the happy life she ever dreamed.

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