The Greatest Joy

Back when I was little, my mother always told me to share my blessings to others.  She never fail to teach us about the joy of giving.  It feels really good to know that we are share our blessings to others.  I grew up with what my mother taught us when I was a kid.  Though she did not stayed longer because she passed away when I was nine, her teaching stays forever in my heart and in my mind.  I always love to share what I have especially to the family.  I always put myself the last on my list.  I also shared to my friends but my priority is the family.

Growing with this thought makes me a better person and I want to shared it to my nieces and nephews.  As early as today, I always tell them to love and shared things with each others.   As the house is their first school, I want to teach them good manners, good attitude towards others and be respectful to others.  It is not easy because kids do not pay attention but I do try to teach them to mold them into a better person.  I give more emphasis telling them to share with one another.  The feeling is wonderful when we share and give our blessings to others for it is the greatest joy to know that we are able to give smiles on their faces.

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