Do not want to take his medicine

I was wondering why my nephew do not want to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor. He always cry when I want him to drink his medicine. I have to locked his legs with my legs, hold his hands with my left hand and my right hand holding the dropper for his medicine. It looks like I am torturing him, but I have to do it for his own good. My nephew is too clever when it comes to drinking his medicine. Sometimes he takes it and spit it after. I tried to give him medicine while he was taking his nap. I thought it was a good idea but turns out not. Why? Because he cry and cry until he vomit. Double the headache for me because puke makes me sick.arghs!

After the struggle, my nephew did take his medicine successfully. I just listened to his cry and yell because I am used to it. And because I am wondering, I did tasted the medicine. It was not bad at first but when the medicine went down to your throat, it taste bitter. I now know why my nephew do not want to drink his medicine. I have to think of a strategy now for him to take his medicine successfully without any struggle. Good luck for me tomorrow and I hope no more cries and puke.

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