Girls Talk: My Pink Top

Hello, Girls! It’s Thursday once again and time for us to talk and share girly stories. As for this week’s theme color Pink, below is my share:


This is my favorite pink top. What makes this one my favorite? It is because this top is my inspiration to loss weight. The first time I saw this top at the mall, first thing that comes up on my mind is to my it. Oh well, pink is my favorite color plus I like the cut of this top. Even if my belly is visible after fitting it, still I bought it and told myself I will loss weight to be able to loss weight. After three months of being in the closet, I did wear it. And the photo above is I, wearing my inspiration top for the first time. I still have the baby fats in my belly, and still working on it. Not easy to loss weight, so to speak.arghs!


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2 Responses to “Girls Talk: My Pink Top”

  1. you can do it girl! just wear the top as often as you can. hehe

  2. Just keep on and you will reach your goal;)