Nice to see you for real

I remember when I first meet her online.  I was dreaming to be in the paid site that most bloggers wants to get in.  A co-blogger told me about her to ask tips and information on how to get in that paid site she is in.  First I was hesitant but my dream gives me the courage to message her through commenting in her blog. I am glad that she did reply and that where our friendship starts.  We started to talk online and she patiently gives me tips and information that I need to know to be able to get in the paid site I am dreaming to be accepted.  It was a success because I did make it to the paid site I am dreaming to be in.

I am so thankful for her because she gave me not only tips and information, she also gave me opportunity to earn.  I never thought I could be a ghost writer (GW) because my english is so simple.  But still she gave me the opportunity and thanks to you because it was a big help.  The person I am talking is the person who owns the blog Pink Memoirs, one of her several blogs.

She lives in the province where my parents grew up and luckily I am here with my father and brother for five days.  We set up a date and finally we meet for real.  It was really nice meeting you and talking to you even if it is a quick one.  It’s good to see for real the person we only meet and talked online.  To Pinx, thanks for the friendship and looking forward to see you again.  And also thanks for the treat!

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One Response to “Nice to see you for real”

  1. Pinx says:

    hi Gen… what a coincidence… i made a post for you too!!! hahahaha! till next time…