Reopening my store

It has been two years since I decided to close my little store here in our village.  It was a very hard decision because I have invested a big amount of money but for some reason I needed to close it.  The income is too small and will not cope the expenses in the house.  I felt badly because it was my sister who gave me the money to start my own business.  With many competitors and only few are buyers, the store did not make a good profit.  I am glad that my sister did understand the situation and respected my decision.

Just this afternoon whiles looking at my empty store, I thought of reopening my store.  I invested money to construct my little store before and I do not want to waste it so reopening my store would be a good idea.  I consulted my sister and my father about and they sort of agreeing about my proposal.  Though not 100% persuade of my proposal, but hearing  they will think about it is better than a ‘no’ answer.  Since some of the store here in our village is closed, I guess this is the perfect time to reopen my store and I hope it will be a profitable store this time.

It was a failure on the first time I started to open my little store and I am so sad of what had happened.  I have learned from it and get an idea what would be the best thing to do this time.  I am praying for the best and hoping I will succeed this time around.  Wish me luck!

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One Response to “Reopening my store”

  1. Pinx says:

    hope it will turn out good gen.