New chairs for our dining table

While having breakfast this morning, my father noticed that the chair he is sitting on is broken.   Good thing he found it early before something bad will happen.  I remember the last time he sits on the chair and the chair gets broken that caused my father fell on the floor.  It took him a week to recover from back pain.  The family do not want to happen it again so we decided to buy a new set of dining chairs.  To prevent someone from the family being hurt, I told my father to buy new chairs.  As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, so we have to replace the old chairs with new one immediately.

The chairs we are using in the dining area are a bit old because we have been using it for ten years already.  We did not notice it that it has been years since we bought it.  Right now, I am searching of a good quality of chairs to buy.   Chairs that has a designs that would match to our glass dining table.  Good thing I can do searching online of the good quality and awesome designs.  No need to spend much time going from one store to another because I can do it online.  And if I already found the one I am looking for, I can then go to the particular store and go directly to that one I am going to buy.

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One Response to “New chairs for our dining table”

  1. Pinx says:

    kami pud Gen, mismatch among chairs with our glass dining table. and the chairs that i bought three years ago, naguba na pud, pasabot lang na nangabug-at nami… hahahaha!