Thinking of buying a necklace

Few days ago, my father handed to me the jewelry that he just redeemed from the pawnshop.  He wants me to keep it because he is so forgetful this past days.  I also asked him to give it to me to make sure his girlfriend will not take it from him.  I remember the last time, his girlfriend took his necklace and money inside his wallet whiles he was sleeping.  I do not want it to happen again that is why I never stop asking him to give it to me.  I am glad he did.  Mission accomplished!

I think of buying my own necklace one of these days.  It is a good investment because I can pawned it if I need money, just like what my father did.  My father just gave me some money, I think of buying jewelry especially necklace because I do not have a real one.  It is time for me to have a real one because I only have fake one.  I am not into jewelry that much, but looking at the jewelry of my father makes me realized to buy my own jewelry.  One of these days I will go to jewelry store and look for jewelry that would much my personality.

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  1. anne says:

    duhaa girl tagsa ta. Hehehhe