No to coffee

I have noticed that every time I drink coffee, I felt like my nerves are shaking and I felt like my stomach is bloated.  I did not bother know the reason.  I just thought that it is just a coincidence.  After some two years ago, that I have experience stomachache after drinking coffee.  That time I have decided not to drink coffee anymore because it will make my stomach upset.  I have put a “No to coffee” sign board in my mind to remind me not to drink coffee.  Every time I have invited to drink coffee, I always refused and tell them my reason.

I have not drinking coffee for quiet some time until yesterday.  I was jealous looking at my father and brother drinking coffee while having our afternoon snack.  I did not forget my “no to coffee’ sign board on my mind, but I took the risk hoping that what had happened before was just a coincidence.  After drinking one cup of coffee, I felt my stomach is bloated. Still I did not mind it, I just thought I am just hungry because it is almost dinner time.  I did not enjoy the dinner because I am not feeling really well.  To sum it all, I end having a sleepless night.  Even if I am too sleepy, the pain wakes me up.  It’s like I am awake the whole evening lasts night.  It is more painful than before.  I will never drink coffee, ever gain.

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One Response to “No to coffee”

  1. kim says:

    i’m a coffee addict, lol! but i haven’t been drinking coffee lately.. i’m into tea these days. left you some love, girl. hope i get some back..