His first time to ride

He was so happy after his boss told him that he will be promoted.  He is in the company for ten years already and his only dream is to get a promotion.  It was indeed an answered prayers because he got promoted last month.  A bit shocked yes, but his emotion is more of  a happy one.  At last after a decade of serving the company, his being so hardworking brings him to another level of position in the company.  My brother is so thankful to the company he is working but most especially to God who is always there to guide and give him strength.

Month after the promotion, the company will going to send my brother to Cebu for company’s meeting.  He is so happy because for the first time he will going to ride in the plane and at the same time afraid.  Yes, she is afraid to ride in the plane.  He has several what if’s that makes him so funny.  I am happy for my brother because he has come this far.  Long way to go brother and I pray that sooner you will be promoted again because I know your a very hard working employee.  He is indeed an asset in the company.  Congratulations brother and enjoy your first time to ride in the plane.

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