Cancelled by the Owner

Few weeks ago, the father did have an appointment to the owner of the car that we are planning to buy.  The car is so perfect for the family to use and also perfect car for the business that the father is going to put up.  My father consulted the family and we agreed to buy the car.  The father always contacted the owner about the price of the car and the condition of the car.  The family is so excited because at last we will have the car that we are dreaming to have.  The father is very much interested to buy the car because the price is so right.

Just this morning my father went to the owner for the final appointment because the money is ready.  The family’s excitement turned down when my father arrives.  I can tell that there is bad news when I saw the sad face of my father.  And I was right, the owner has change his mind because he will no longer sell the car.  It is sad because we supposed to use the car for the birthday celebration of my sister at the beach.  Well, I guess it is not meant for us to have a car yet.  We will just look for another car, better and good one.

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