I need a new mop

The nine months old nephew started crawling and my father told us to just let him crawl.  My father said crawling is a good training for the nephew to start to walk.  He attempts to stand up many times already but not succeeded.  We just have to watch him to make sure his face wont hit on the floor.  He used to crawl in the bed but the space is too small for him so I decided to just let him crawl on the floor.  I get the mop first to clean the floor first before putting the nephew on the floor.  I guess I am too strong because the mop handle breaks while mopping the floor.  Because of what happened to our mop, I have to use my feet with the wet clothes to mop the floor.  The nephew is ready to crawl on the floor because it is clean and dry already.

The mop is not in good condition anymore, I think I have to buy a new one.  Unexpected expenses I must say but the damage is already done.  I will go to the store in two days to buy new mop because mop is very important in cleaning our floor.  I would look for a mop that is in good quality to make sure it will last longer.

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One Response to “I need a new mop”

  1. Pinx says:

    hahaha… Genny, giunsa nimo ang mop ha??? grabeh! ako pud, aw, well just a new mophead… but those with plastic handles and with mopheads na ma-replace. that’s what i use… and dugay jud sya maguba…dili pud mabali..