New school shoes for my niece

I was cleaning the shoe rack when I noticed that the school shoes of my niece is broke.  I thought of bringing the shoes to the shoe repair shop to repair the sole.  But seeing the sole of the shoes made me thinks not to bring it there because it is really not in good condition.  There is one thing that needs to be done and this is to buy a new school shoes for my niece.  Too bad her parents do not have budget to buy her shoes for now.  I felt sad for my niece because she does not have shoes to wear at school.

Since her parents do not have budget right now, I think of buying her new school shoes.  I did not tell them about my plans because I want to surprise my niece.  If I have the time I will look for school shoes for her next week.  My days are a bits busy as of the moment and no time to go out.  Next week I will see to it to find a time to go the mall and look for a school shoes.  It is not easy wearing a broken shoes at school, I know the feeling because I have experienced it back when I was still studying.  I do not want my niece to experience it so I will find a way to get her a new school shoes.

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