Setting a Date

Two days ago, I get the chance to communicate with my high school friends.  After years of not in contact, we are united again through Facebook.  The feeling is different because at last I get to talk to them and knows their life and whereabouts.  I have the feeling of excitement because I missed my old friends very much.  It is good to hear that they are married now and have their own career.  By just talking to them online I can tell that they have a happy and contented with the life they have right now.

They are just chatting in net cafe and the time is limited.  Time is so short because we have many things to talk about.  I thought of setting a date for us to meet and have the bonding.  It would be best if we get to see one another again after so many years of not seeing one another.  I am inviting them to have a lunch date at the mall.  The date is not set yet because they have busy life as well.  The best day for us to meet is on Sunday.  Most probably we will just pick one Sunday of the month of November.

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