Mouth Sore

It has been  two days now that my two years old nephew does not want to eat.  He cries a loud when eating and on drinking his milk.  To see him in pain makes me want to cry.  If only I can take the pain he felt and transfer it to me.  We are wondering what is the nephew complaining inside his mouth.  When the brother forced his son to open his mouth, we saw that he is suffering from mouth sore.  Poor little nephew his mouth is really in pain because the sore is a bit big.  He stills cannot eat nor drink his milk and we are so worried.

We tried to medicate it but he cried aloud.  My sister-in-law went to the nearest pharmacy to ask for a medicine to treat mouth sore.  This afternoon, the mother treated the sore with the ointment she bought from the pharmacy.  At first the nephew cried but after tasting the orange flavor of the ointment, he likes it and thought it was a  We are glad because he was able to eat dinner today and also drink his milk.  I hope that the sore will went tomorrow so that my nephew can eats complete meals and also drink his milk.

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One Response to “Mouth Sore”

  1. Pinx says:

    kalooy pud sa bata oi… ana jud na basta naay lu-as. sakit kaayo jud.