Glad to have insurance

Months ago, the family is sad because of the nephew’s condition.  We are so worried because he is too young to undergo operation.  When we are referred to the pedia-surgeon and told that the operation will cost 40,000 pesos and up.  The first question that enters our mind is that ‘where would we get that money?”.  Very hard but we  have to find a way to come up with the exact money for the nephew’s operation.  A big thanks to God because we come up with the money we needed for the operation.  The family then decided to make a schedule for the operation.

After the operation, we need to file the documents for the insurance to get discounts.  It took us a day to file the papers needed for the insurance to get discounts.  The sister is glad she has the insurance because we get a big discounts from the hospital bill.  The hospital bill is less than 40,000 pesos and we are so happy about it.  In times like this, we appreciate the important of insurance.  We will never know when we will use it.  So it is better to get life insurance to cover some of our expenses if we are sick and in danger.  My sister did appreciate the importance of insurance.  The family is insured now and always ready when emergency occurs.

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One Response to “Glad to have insurance”

  1. Elvirah says:

    Yes one must have a medical insurance done for situations like this to be handled easily without loosing nerves. Most people take things like this very easy and they all need this awareness.