Need a Traveling Bag

This week is the most awaited semester break at school.  It is a week of no class for both public and private schools.  Everybody is happy especially the students who wakes up very early for school.  One of those happy students are my nieces.  No class for students and teachers.  My sister who is a teacher will have a week of break as well.  She will be using her one week of vacation by visiting her in-laws in the province.  Her in-laws have not seen her son for months, that is why she would take this opportunity to spend a week with her in-laws.

While preparing the things to bring on her vacation, my sister was shocked because she brings almost all the dresses on their closet, and her bag is to small to put all their things there.  Even she is on tight budget, she thinks of buying a traveling bag now.  They need a big one because of the baby’s things to put inside.  We went to the mall this afternoon to look for a traveling bag for their vacation.  It took us an hour of looking around the mall but have not found one.  No one matches the tasted of my sister I must say.  She is a bit picky that is why finding one is very difficult.  She will look for a traveling bag tomorrow and I hope she will find one before she is running out of time.

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2 Responses to “Need a Traveling Bag”

  1. Pinx says:

    same here, if we will travel again, we will need a bigger bag for the four of us. Baby Job alone takes so much space! hehehe…

  2. kim says:

    wish i also have a sem break 🙁 as it happens, i am a tutor and we have no semestral break of any sort, lol!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on My Neighbors.. The United LAUREANS!”