Training cup

Even before when he was two months old, we noticed that my nephew does not drink much water.  Maybe, because he prefers to drink milk compared to water.  His mother is having some hard time to do that.  She does not want to force her son to drink water if he does not want to.  When he started eating cereals, my sister forced him to drink water after eating.  Water is very important in our body that is why my sister forced her son to drink water in the feeding bottle.  My nephew is having difficulties in pooping because the water he drinks is not enough.

 Since my nephew does not want to drink water in his feeding bottle, my sister decides to buy him training cup.  Another option to make her son drink water it is also to train her son to drink water and milk using another bottle aside from feeding bottle.  The nephew started to use the training cup this morning and I can tell that it is effective because my nephew drinks lots of water after feeding him.  I hope that my nephew would like his training cup and will drink lots of water.

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