Off for three days

Today at 12 midnight, I am going to have a very short vacation at the province of Agusan.  The province where  the husband of my sister grew up.  It is my first time to be in there and I am so excited.  Three days of break from doing the same thing everyday is awesome.  When my sister told me to accompany her, I did not think twice I said yes right away.  I seldom go out and go to the places that I wanted to because of the responsibilities that the family is given to me.  I am single but I am like a married woman with lots of kids to take care to.  It is a very difficult situation that I wanted to go out and be free but cannot because my love for my family stops me to do so.  That is why when an opportunity such as this comes, I grab it right away for I need some time to be alone and be of myself.  And also, it is so good to be away from the busy city for a while.  I am done packing my things and I am ready to go.  God bless our trip.  Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

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