Change Wardrobe

I go over in my closet last two days ago.  I decided to give my old clothes to needy ones.  Most of my clothes are in good condition still, just that I am gaining weights these days and I am afraid I cannot wear it anymore.  And also, it has been years since the last time I bought house dress.  Because I am gaining weights now, I think I needed to change my wardrobe.  Change every thing and have new sets of dresses, shorts, shirts, tops and skirts.  I used to buy medium sizes of clothing and as what I have seen in my closet and myself in the mirror, I am more fit to large sizes now.  A complete change of wardrobes for me before this year ends.

Starting tomorrow I will clean my closet and put in the box my old clothes.  I will do the shopping piece by piece because I do not have big budget to buy it one time.  This is my first time to change my entire wardrobes and I am so excited about it.  I am like a baby who will have her first time ever clothes.  I have started buying tops and shorts today and I am so loved it.  My next shopping will be done after paying all my bills and still have extra money for it.

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