Six glasses left

The kids broke some of the glasses accidentally and intentionally.  Also their parentsbroke glasses when they are drunk.  These are the reason we are running out of glass when we drink water.  I used mug to drink water for the mean time.  It bothers me a lot especially when we have visitors at home and offered dream a drink using the mug.  I promise to buy glasses if I still have the money after paying my net bill.

Last two months ago, I bought 12 pieces of glass because we do not have glass anymore.  Good thing there is enough money left to buy glasses after paying my net bill.  I am so happy that I am able to buy things for the family to use from my online earning.  I am just sad that there are only six glasses left from the 12 pieces that I bought two months ago.  We are running out of glass again and I am afraid we will go back to using the mug.  I told my brother to replace the broken glasses with new one since it is his kids who broke it.  The fruits of my labor are slowing fading and make me really sad.  I cannot get mad to kids because they are young and did not mind what they are doing.  I wish their parents will buy new glasses soon to add more glasses to the remaining six.

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One Response to “Six glasses left”

  1. Mona says:

    parang dito lang paubos na ang baso .. Si Kyla dami ng nabasag. 🙁