Getting the old Christmas Tree

Christmas day is just around the corner.  I have seen Christmas decorations on the street, here in the village and in friend’s house.  The spirit of Christmas is already felt by many.  Some people are so busy buying new Christmas decoration and put it on their Christmas tree.  I am planning to buy decorations also to put on our Christmas tree but I do not know what to buy yet for I am not yet checking the old decorations.  I just get the old Christmas tree to clean and arrange it before putting any decorations.  The kids in the family wonder why the Christmas tree is not yet up while other is already standing and see the sparkling lights.

The kids are so excited where I would put the Christmas tree.  Like before, they want to help me in decorating our old and humble Christmas tree.  It is a bit old but still can stand and looks good when decorations are already there.  Our old Christmas tree is our first ever Christmas tree.  It was my sister who bought it from her salary.  It has sentimental value to me because my sister is married and living in their own house.  I hope I will buy new decorations for me to put up our Christmas tree to stop the kids from bugging me.

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One Response to “Getting the old Christmas Tree”

  1. Pinx says:

    i am planning to buy a taller and bigger Christmas tree but i still have to save a few dollars, medyo hinay ang business these days. hehehe