Itchiness caused by sunburn

Last Sunday, the family went to the beach to unwind and bring the kids there to have fun.  The brother used to bring his kids to the mall to spend time with them.  For a change, he brings the kids to the beach since the kids loves to swim a lot.  I always went with them to unwind as well and never forget to bring the sun block lotion to protect our skin.  I was preparing the things that we needed when I noticed that my sun block lotion is empty.  I am so sad because the weather is so hot and I am pretty sure our skin will get burned. When we reached the beach, the kids go directly to the water without sun block on.  I felt sad looking at them thinking of their skin.  I decided not to go to swim because of the scary heat of the sun.

I was so right because the kids are experiencing sun burned and they are keeping on scratching their skin.  My two years old nephew is crying and always wants us to scratch his skin.  Their skin is so itchy because their skin burns really bad.  I will just bring them to shower when they feel very itchy.

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One Response to “Itchiness caused by sunburn”

  1. Mona says:

    sun block muna girl .. i knew the feeling sakit kaya nyan.